Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

white_architecture_interior_modernIf you’re running a business and are looking for commercial carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast call us today for a quote

You know how difficult it can be to stay presentable and maintain a good working environment for your staff without the help of a professional. Carpets, in particular, take a battering from daily wear. Grit, odours and stains are unavoidable. Allergens, dust and fungi build up in the carpet over time, and can often lead to hygiene issues down the track. Regular office cleaners aren’t equipped to deal with these problems. What you need is professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis.

And that’s where we come in. We connect you with our friendly, reliable staff and have the equipment and know-how that you just can’t get from your general cleaner to get the job done at the highest possible level.

A proper clean will lift the presentation of your business instantly! Your carpets will look better, feel better and have their natural colour back. Don’t think your customers won’t notice the difference, and don’t think your staff won’t appreciate the improvement! Also, professionally cleaned carpets go a long way towards your business image and can even improve the quality of interested candiates for vacant positions within your company. Yes! Your carpets can even improve your recruitment process!

We specialise in the following commercial services: cc4

• Odour treatment
• Odour treatments deal with the residues that cause smells.
• Steam Cleaning
• Steam cleaning is a general purpose, reliable cleaning treatment, which improves carpet quality and is very effective at removing stains.
• Stains
• Stain treatment solutions target those impossible stains and really improve the appearance of your carpets.
• Complete carpet protection
• Your carpets are sealed, to protect carpet fibres and their backing or underlay. These treatments make the carpet stain-resistant and reduce the effects of wear.

From as little as $2.50 per sq. metre, there’s no better company to call! Call us on 1800 99 24 71 for a free quote or onsite appraisal.